New York, USA
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A modern, 3-story house with a mansard, located in Manhattan beach New York, is characterized by distinguished architecture and harmonious synthesis of the structural frame. The architects goal was to create open and inviting space, suitable for everyday life as well as respecting the character of the surrounding urban space.

A comprehensive home is customized with flexible, multi-purpose spaces fit for a growing family. Mainly, the design strategy responds to the owners’ functional and family needs as well as the aesthetic values of the neighborhood.

Energy Efficiency 

The brick veneer separated surrounded by metal outlines keeps the exterior warm and contemporary at the same time.

These materials have low maintenance efforts and are very cost-effective. An innovative roofing construction enables the maximum effect of thermal efficiency.

The main concern while designing this house was to maximize natural air circulation and natural light.

In creating "healthy home" sunlight, home orientation, airflow, and it's quality are crucial for space functional and aesthetic formation.

The innovative house construction allows the home to perform incredibly well while saving up to 70 percent of the energy needed to heat and cool the habitant.

Originally Published: 20.04.2020
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Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Management

USA, Brooklyn, NY 11235, 260 Dover St.