Doha, Qatar
Built Up Area

Located in the Oasis Mall in Doha, Georgian restaurant project harmoniously combines ethnic style and comfort, while offering exclusive meeting and dining space where people socialize in a magical atmosphere.

Rich wooden decorative panels for ceilings and walls, marble, metal and textile details, which come together to create a distinctive and memorable environment are presented in this exclusive interior. Georgian ornaments with the variety of motives are used on the walls. Decorative partition walls give a special character to the overall design. Curved wooden ceiling with ornaments brings traditional Georgian highlights into the interior, creating special character via artwork of craftsmanship, that creates special ambiance. Arched shapes are used for the bar space to bring in more traditional flavor as they are commonly found in different architectural buildings of various periods in Georgia.

The fundamental design and concept of the project surpass the typical designation of a luxurious restaurant and its main function with the design vision based on the idea of combining the exclusive environment with cultural heritage.

Originally Published: 27.03.2020
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Interior Design