Tsalka, Georgia
Built Up Area

Restaurant project, located in Tsalka Canyon is created with the inspiration of the surrounding context – rocky landscape and earthy colors.



Tsalka Canyon (formerly Dashbashi Canyon) is a deep mountain gorge located 100 kilometers west of Tbilisi in Tsalka Municipality, which provides many options for comfort and adventure in a picturesque setting. While the ceiling reflects the cliffs surrounding the restaurant, the overall aesthetic is simple to let the restaurant's views become the main feature.



The color palette and textures are carefully selected based on the context of the environment, taking into account the cues of nature. The restaurant is a cozy environment that offers guests a pleasant and at the same time wonderful environment in one space.

Originally Published: 25.03.2020
Kass Land LLC
Interior Design

Dashbashi Canyon, Tsakla, Georgia