Tbilisi, Georgia
Built Up Area

Built in a breathtaking location by the Lisi Lake, this private villa’s architecture has innovative features and has successfully harmonized its form to the respective context. The villa's spatial formation is uniquely influenced by its dynamic form, resulting in a contemporary masterpiece that is both striking and functional.


The project’s concept brings elegance through simplicity as the exterior blends sleek lines with a neutral color palette. The plan has evolved through a series of functions after carefully considering the functionality and practicality of the villa. The project’s spaces were designed by changing the development strategy accordingly which enabled the creation of diverse spaces as per the user’s specific desires. The project’s design has been characterized by three distinct volumes, where one volume is cantilevered diagonally on the top which adds extra complexity to the structure. These masses are placed to create a unified look that is further spatially connected.


The exterior is made of vertical divisions of dark grey concrete that contrast smoothly with the tight rhythm of the timber cladding, which bring in warmth and sophistication. In addition, large glass windows are incorporated that beautifully overlook the Lake where natural light floods in. The solid surface cladding used brings a sense of privacy and safety to the house and also establishes interesting solid-void (light and shadow) encounters with daylight. Moreover, a metallic art sculpture has been installed over a tranquil waterbody that creates a captivating focal point on the villa front, facing the street.

The Facade

The façade has been designed using alphabets and symbols from the Georgian language to bring in a connection to the cultural context of the region as well as create a sense of unique identity. The characters were placed in such a way that it creates a sense of rhythm and progression across the exterior. These metal perforated screens also visually obstruct the enclosed spaces toward the neighborhood. During the day, natural light rays enter into the house through the perforations and give rise to an interesting play of shadows; while artificial lighting pierces out during the night and hence makes the façade change dynamically during different times of the day.         

Originally Published: 15.05.2020
Site Area
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