New York, USA
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Located in New York City in a prime Brooklyn neighborhood design challenged the difficulties of composing several families under one roof.  The neighborhood in Manhattan Beach Brooklyn, incorporates an eclectic group of traditional styles that vary from one to four-story Victorian, Tudor and Edwardian houses.

The modern interpretation of the French Renaissance style gives the dwelling welcoming feel for the inhabitants and sets the tone for the entire block. By creatively interpreting local zoning codes (bay window, cornice, and balcony) designers generated a unified building facade with unique spatial characteristics.

Design Objective

The design objective was to create a new house with maximized livable space and natural light. Responding to the Victorian style fabric, the building is designed contextual sensitive yet distinct.

The building material choice reflects the character of the neighborhood. The limited color palette of roof slate shingles, bricks and iron railings is a response to the mix of the Edwardian style of the neighborhood.

The structure is conceived as a modern interpretation of a traditional form. The interior similarly contains a simplified version of traditional elements.

Originally Published: 25.04.2020
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Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Management

Langham str. New York, USA