Tbilisi, Georgia
Built Up Area

Located overlooking Lisi Lake, this private house exudes sophistication and simplicity with its clean elevation lines and geometrical shapes. Distinct architectural elements were thoughtfully incorporated to establish a strong physical and visual relationship between the exterior and interior, resulting in a majestic residence.


The villa exterior is composed of vertically striped concrete cladding along with the presence of wooden louvers that not only control the amount of light entering the interior spaces, but also provide privacy to the occupants. The grey and brown color palette blends the project cohesively with the context and evokes a purist mentality. The floor-length glazing adds a modern touch along with providing magnificent views of the landscape. This transparency also lets the user experience the changes in weather, sun, and seasons from the internal spaces. The gabled roof is cladded with darker tiles than the concrete exterior, which also gives the viewer a sense of hierarchy on seeing the building. To top this off, a bright red metal sculpture is placed on a still and shallow water feature on the front which brings in a pop of color and exciting central viewpoint.


The villa is surrounded by thick landscaping that is carefully planned to add an extra layer of tranquility that gives a soothing and Zen-like effect. Also, the use of these plants not only enhance the visual appeal but also give a scented breeze from the flora as the winds flow through them. On the upper floor, a spacious living area opens up to a stunning infinity-like swimming pool with a glass wall on one face, providing unobstructed water views to users on the ground floor. This creates an effect that makes the pool appear as though it is floating in the air. The pool area that overlooks the greenery below, creates a serene oasis that is perfect to unwind after work or relax on weekends. Moreover, the villa features tapered windows on one of its elevations, to angle the window in such a direction that it opens the room to the optimal view of the surroundings.

Originally Published: 15.05.2020
Number of Storeys