Tskneti, Georgia
Built Up Area

This bespoke individual house interior in Tskneti with rich wooden accents and natural tones bring soothing warmth and weight to the entire space. The tonal combination creates a look of confidence, edge, and utmost sophistication.

Upon a first look into the living room, you are instantly struck by the warm wood ceiling and sweeping wide windows. The Colour is calming, furniture is minimal. There is nothing overcomplicated to distract the eye and exhaust the mind yet there is a crisp and confident sense of style, one of complete peaceful self-assurance.

The dining room and living room are wide open with the dominant fireplace coated with a natural stone pattern, creating a timeless design, set to continue having its moment long into the future. 

The staircase design is open and light, free of risers to allow the natural daylight and garden view to penetrate from the vast window at its side.  Skylights above the staircase give plenty of sun to both levels of the home.


Bespoke closets meld with wood wall paneling. 

Originally Published: 02.03.2020
Number of Storeys
Interior Design, Procurement, Construction

Tskneti, Georgia