April 5, a seminar on "Designing a house from 0" was held in the SPECTRUM office.

Our designers introduced the audience to the nuances to be considered in house projects.


We are happy to share with you that we started working on the new project in Al-Khobar, Canopy by Hilton.

We can't wait to share all about this project! Stay tuned to hear news about this project.


We are happy to share with you that we started working on the new project in Al-Khobar.
From groundbreaking concepts to top-tier hospitality, we're set to redefine excellence. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements as we journey through this project hand in hand.
We can't wait to share all about this project! Stay tuned to hear the news.


We are happy to share with you that SPECTRUM started the partnership with Tatu City. Our team members went to Nairobi and visited the area where the project will be located.

We are excited to share with you our another great project in the near future!


We're excited to announce the completion of the schematic phase for Paje Beach Resort. Now, we're moving swiftly into the final phase, focusing on bringing our vision to life with precision and innovation. Stay tuned for updates as we approach the grand unveiling!


We are thrilled to unveil our latest endeavor in the heart of Saudi Arabia - the Indigo Hotel in Riyadh! 

Situated in the vibrant city of Riyadh, this project embodies elegance, innovation, and cultural richness. Our team is dedicated to crafting a space that not only reflects the essence of modern hospitality but also pays homage to the rich heritage and tradition of Saudi Arabia.

Stay tuned as we delve into the intricate details of interior design, architecture, and sustainability initiatives that will define the Indigo Hotel experience.


The SPECTRUM Architecture team attended The International Property Show (IPS) 2024, a prominent fixture in the Middle East real estate landscape that brings together a diverse array of local and international developers. This global gathering aims to unite professionals, fostering collaboration and innovation in the field. Notably, SPECTRUM's partners, Next Group, and Petra Sea Resort, were also in attendance at IPS.

IPS 2024 served as a platform for meaningful engagement and networking within the global real estate community.


SPECTRUM's avant-garde expertise, with the NEXT Group, shines in NEXT Coral, promising luxury fused with nature-inspired innovation. Drawing from coral reefs' beauty, it redefines contemporary living, setting an exemplary standard in refined, sustainable design. Anticipate updates as SPECTRUM Architecture elevates aspirations into tangible reality with NEXT Coral, setting an exemplary standard in refined and sustainable living.


Paje Beach Resort blends luxury and nature, capturing stunning sea views and white sands. Inspired by Paje's natural beauty, it offers a harmonious ambiance for guests. Each element reflects cultural artistry, with carefully chosen colors, textures, and art pieces. The resort redefines luxury living with a conceptually designed restaurant, coastal villas, and captivating outdoor spaces. Stay tuned as SPECTRUM unveils Paje Beach Resort, a refined and sustainable retreat.


By sponsoring the event, SPECTRUM is demonstrating its dedication to advancing the hospitality sector and establishing meaningful connections with like-minded professionals.  

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Sophie Kotrikadze, will be a featured speaker on the panel discussing "Shaping the Decade: The Evolution of Hotel Architecture in the Era of Technology, Sustainability, and Changing Traveler Preferences."