Tbilisi, Georgia
Built Up Area

The modern residence is expressing the contemporary need for intelligent integration into an environment while extolling traditional values and Clients' inspirations. The retelling of traditional values express the idea of the interior where space is allocated for particular functions and integrate it into the habitable area.

Interior Concept

The oversized living space comprises sitting, dining, library and bar lounge areas acts as a centerpiece for the entire residence.

It is highlighted with a custom-designed fireplace with distinctive artwork, specially created for the residence.

Created for the cold winter evenings, space provides a place, where a family can just get away from it all and have a time of bonding and togetherness.

The project was designed with a very innovative design style and results in a very unique individual livable space filled with culture, tradition and warm ambiance.

Special Approach

For the special ambiance, the glass roofing features wooden decorative elements, which are custom made and besides the visual apparel they act as a shield from the direct sunlight.

This approach makes the interior more lightweight and at the same time integral part of the existing landscape.

Originally Published: 02.02.2020
Number of Storeys
Interior Design, Construction Management

Tskneti, Georgia