Tbilisi, Georgia
Built Up Area

The project for an individual residential house spanning 890 m2, situated in the vicinity of Lisi Lake in Tbilisi, harmoniously integrates with the surrounding landscape while meeting the requirements of a modern, large family.

Perched upon a hill, the residence is elegantly divided into two levels. A staircase, designed to adapt to the terrain, leads from the main entrance to the first floor, where the primary spaces are situated: living room, dining room, kitchen, storage room, study, wardrobe space, guest bedroom, and bathrooms. Additionally, the building features a basement floor covering 270 sq.m., housing a gym, sauna, parking area, and wine cellar. On the second floor, there are bedrooms with private bathrooms and balconies, along with a communal area offering a view of the inner courtyard.


A notable feature of the structure is the 50 m2 interior courtyard facing southeast, accessible from both the main courtyard and various areas within the building: study, living room, kitchen, and the corridor adjacent to the stairs. The inner courtyard is enclosed by a glass roof supported by a metal framework, ensuring natural illumination and protection from rain, enabling comfortable outdoor leisure regardless of weather conditions.


The facade is characterized by a blend of stainless metal plates, metal panels, and stained glass, imparting a modern yet distinctive aesthetic to the house. Notably, the stainless metal plates undergo color variations corresponding to climatic changes, lending the facade a dynamic appearance over time.

Originally Published: 15.05.2020
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Lisi, Tbilisi