New York, USA
Project Area

Located in suburban neighborhoods in New York City, the residence harmoniously responds to the surrounding context considering functional and aesthetic features. The designers devised a house that overcomes generations with its durability and form.

Architectural Strategy

A fundamental aspect of the composition of the house is the deep consideration of the nature of its site, settings, setbacks, and the climate, House provides the intelligent response to each factor of its surroundings. The concept of separating the service and living cores was fluidly incorporated into sustainable architectural design strategies and overall functional and aesthetic parameters. The interpretation of modern Tudor style, despite its distinctive forms, harmoniously blends with the historical environment and becomes the undivided part of the urban fabric.

At a more intimate scale, the lighting from the glass ceiling clearly identifies not only the configuration but also the performance and quality of the materials. The solar panels on the roof help to offset the electrical draw of the home and are designed to handle a majority of typical daily use.

Typical Tudor House design concepts were reinvented in a modern language. Embracing historical neighborhoods, urban patterns and using a characteristic material palette achieved a dialogue between old and new.


Originally Published: 30.04.2020
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Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Management

USA, New York, Aberdeen Road