Batumi, Georgia
Built Up Area

Radisson Blu Resort & Residences Batumi interior design harmoniously balances the brand standards, contextual elements and the notion of creating memorable and distinguishable space. The details used in the interior design create a sophisticated and elegant environment.


The aim  of project is to create a design that responds to the standards of Radisson Blu and at the same time takes notion of the surrounding context. Interior design of the project is characterized by a combination of classic and modern styles.  All the elements - Shape, light, colour, texture, and pattern come together to create Resort aesthetics. A significant part of the interior design is the terrarium. It  is one of the interesting features adding a special character to the interiors. 

Materials and Textures

Natural and warm materials inspired by coastal aesthetics is used to create a trendy and memorable space. Clean lines, thoughtful use of space and contextual elements are set to deliver meaningful & memorable guest experiences. Each space is infused with stylish elements, coastal inspiration and biophilic touch.
The use of materials and textures let it be different wood, marble, stone, glass and different fabrics all serve one purpose – to harmoniously interact, come in line with Radisson Blu Resort standards and form a very unique, fresh and delightful hotel experience.

Originally Published: 27.03.2020
Site Area
Interior Design