Kazbegi, Georgia
Built Up Area

The project of Elia Park, which is located in the Kazbegi region, is a public park of 15.590 m2 area, whose character is more recreational type and offers its visitors a variety of facilities.  Its convenient location behind the "Rooms” hotel plays a significant role in the functioning of the park.

The Belvedere

The center of the park’s projected area, both ideological and functional, is represented by the belvedere, which is a 33 meters high steel structure.

There are two elevators located in the center of the belvedere and the ramp along the structure is aimed for pedestrian visitors to reach the top of the building and enjoy stunning views of Kazbegi.

There is also an ethnic restaurant for 80 people located on the top of the belvedere with panoramic views.

The facade of the structure is finished with metal panels.

The belvedere offers unforgettable views of  Kazbegi to the visitors, allows it to become one of the top landmarks of the region, and attracts lots of tourists and vacationers.

It can become the funicular of Kazbegi.


The use of the park’s functions is available in all seasons. Building materials, types, and details of structures are specially tailored to Kazbegi's harsh climatic conditions. Of the proposed materials, specially treated stainless steel, processed wood material, natural stone, and concrete finishes should be highlighted.

The project site consists of various functional zones: A children’s playground, a reflecting pond, a restaurant with a terrace, a leisure area, an amphitheater, and a labyrinth.

Proper orientation of the buildings in the park, planning of shades, warming arrangements, and bringing of other energy-saving elements ensure their energy efficiency.

The pond of natural sediments and integrated irrigation system will supplement the optimal use of water resources.

The concept of the park is represented by the minimal interference with the existing landscape and by the systemic situation of new shapes, which gives it special features and meaning.

Originally Published: 08.07.2020
Site Area
Kazbegi Municipality
Arco LLC, Cubicon
Architecture, Interior Design

Kazbegi, Elia, Georgia