Farmhouse decor is a modern approach to cabin-inspired interior design, which is mostly mixed with modern style and elements. Classic and comfortable, the farmhouse interior design style allows you to decorate with a wide variety of accessories and furnishing that add a touch of inimitable personality to home.

The modern farmhouse style has its roots deep in centuries of history, back to the early settlers in the US. It was focused on usefulness, dependent on available materials such as wood, iron, and steel.

Many of the core elements of farmhouse today are similar to their historic counterpart. However, there are important updates to the style which we will cover. 

Farmhouse interior design is defined by practicality and comfort, relying on readily available materials and colors. Wood elements and white tones are indicative of farmhouse style. Timber was the easiest to come by, which is why there’s such an emphasis on wood elements.

Another core aspect is that nothing must match perfectly. Where modern design is meticulous in matching the elements of a room in a minimalistic way, the farmhouse is distinctly different. Knickknacks, antiques, or pairing a vintage chair with a new sofa enhances the farmhouse interior style.

The beauty is in the functionality, punctuated by tinges of personality and history. The farmhouse interior design has the main characteristics that you should follow


Color-wise, it is similar to nautical decor, with mostly white and natural beige base colors. This color palette is helping to emphasize other interior elements such as furnishing and decoration. There are common colors in the interior that are used, like barn red, forest green and yellow.


For decoration you should use old elements. Tables and chairs decided in vintage style, few pieces of art and accessories. Matching styles and tones with each other give practicality and charm to the home.

A fireplace is a futile way to bring coziness to the interior. You can also use plants for decoration, which will add color to space.


Organic and natural materials are the foundation for the modern farmhouse decor. furniture is also decided in light tones, characterized by distressed wood and upholstered linen.

A mix of industrial metals is used for a kitchen and bathroom decor with a large farmhouse sink.

With an emphasis on a clean, inviting atmosphere, the farmhouse style is defined by simplicity and some callbacks to years and styles went by.

In that way, it creates a timeless look. Last but not least, before you start your farmhouse remodel journey you need to choose if you prefer a traditional farmhouse (more similar to a country-style) or a modern farmhouse, that mixes country and modern elements achieving an overall more modern look.

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Originally Published: 29.10.2020