Tskneti, Georgia
Project Area

Located in Tskneti, near Tbilisi, with a beautiful surrounding the house perfectly blends in the given context while supporting the requirements and the lifestyle of the modern family.

Set into sloping terrain, the house is arranged over a double level, with the front yard deepening as it steps down the hill.

The facade is balanced with a classic finish of wood combined with local textured limestone, which gives the house its modernistic, contextual feel.

The oversized terrace encourages the occupants to step outside and enjoy the breathtaking views of Tbilisi.

The Minimalist aesthetics radiate a warm, earthy and traditional essence that creates a soothing sight to behold.

The sliding glass doors and oversized windows let in the ample sunlight while connecting the interior with the outer surrounding.

Designing a swimming pool in a way it is connected to the residence and has an endless edge gives the entire setting a truly magical feeling and creates the perfect atmosphere to relax.

Originally Published: 15.05.2020
Number of Storeys