Tbilisi, Georgia
Built Up Area

The design vision for the hotel directly relates to the neighborhood the project is located in. The Canopy approach to guest experience was transmitted into the design elements, enriching with cultural vibrancy, ensuring a unique and memorable guest stay.


The design methodology takes into consideration the characteristics of different guest types and delivers individual spaces, where each and every guest can Find a Home Away From Home! The welcoming and adaptable public spaces represent a free flow that seamlessly transforms into one another. While considering Canopy standards, each space is infused with contextual elements, neighborhood, cultural inspirations and local art. Carefully selected and designed furniture, accessories, textures and materials make ALL JUST FIT TOGETHER.
The location and surroundings drive design and environmental decisions. The lobby area full of ample sunlight, at night acts as a streetlamp giving out the energy and welcoming atmosphere. Carefully selected color pallets, materials and bespoke furniture create an atmosphere to define a positive stay! A sophisticated palette of natural materials creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, articulated by greenish folding doors with eyecatching colorful stained glass accents. The combination of brick, wood, colorful glass, blue velvet and greenish wood is set to create memorable and favorable space for gatherings.
While most of the architectural elements of the old building are lost, in recognition of its history and to remind visitors that they are in the historical building, the feeling of the old facade was transmitted to the inner side of the facade wall and so that it resembles the old style of the original building. Based on the Latest Architecture of record, tried to find a balance between architectural solutions and material selection for the facade. With the aim to find practical solutions for balconies, roof deck, roof itself, the skylight, and the main entrance, we achieved a very sophisticated and refined appearance.
Originally Published: 27.03.2020
Site Area
Interior design