Our Master Planning capabilities produce a document that establishes a framework of the key development components that are easily understood by both clients and development authorities for their required approvals.

Our goal is to ensure that all Stakeholders buy into our Development Strategy so that the Concept design phase can begin in earnest.

We coordinate diverse considerations and aspirations into a strategic long term vision for the facilities by combining both physical and intellectual planning methodology in an open and consultative process.

Our collaborative approach evolves in developing phasing and implementation schedules to identify priorities to act as a framework for regeneration and attract the private sector's investment.

Together with project stakeholders we conceptualize and shape the three-dimensional urban environment, define public, semiprivate, and private spaces along with public amenities and engage the local community in the development process.

Site analysis

A comprehensive site appraisal is conducted to examine all external factors, including physical, environmental or legislative requirements that will impact the final solution.

Our typical site investigations of the master pan include:

+  Condition assessment of site infrastructure 
+  Condition Assessment on built assets and the degree to which current design standards are satisfied
+  Existing site environment with respect to site density, personnel and vehicular access, 
+  Analysis of neighborhoods or faculty-based zones, playing fields, etc.
+  External infrastructure assessment such as parking, set down, traffic management, etc.

Originally Published: 07.05.2020
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