Energy-efficient building design involves constructing and upgrading buildings that are able to get the most work out of the energy that is supplied to them by taking steps to balance energy loss and gain throughout the building envelope.

Understanding the nature of the energy-efficiency of modern buildings is getting more critical and important due to climate change.

We acknowledge our obligation and professional duty to find solutions for energy-efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.

Our special department of energy-auditing serves the construction market for both commercial and residential applications. 

Energy Capabilities Include:

+ Heat transfer coefficients analysis
+  Identification of the project's energy-saving potential
+  Analysis of Energy balance by type of energy resources consumed
+  Determination of energy-efficient measures based on the conducted analysis
+  Economic impact study for energy-efficient application based on extraction and profitability
+  Analysis of the use of alternative energy sources

Originally Published: 07.05.2020
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