Tbilisi, Georgia
Built Up Area

The house perfectly blends with the given context, is tailored to the terrain and aims to create a comfortable environment taking into account the needs of a modern family and their lifestyle.

The large, stained glass windows and open staircase provide maximum inflow of natural light into the interior and at the same time allow to enjoy the views of Lisi Lake.

Wide terraces are designed to make staying on fresh air more comfortable.

Strict, straight lines and geometrical shapes of the architecture create a modern ambiance, that in combination with natural decorative materials sets the ground for cozy, comfortable living.

The house takes advantage of the basement where are distributed different functions. 

The project is energy efficient, incorporates the principles of a healthy home, and blends harmoniously with nature.

Originally Published: 26.05.2020
Site Area
Number of Storeys
Lisi Topograph

Lisi, Tbilisi