Tbilisi, Georgia
Built Up Area

The main intention behind the design was to create a biophilic house that would provide maximum comfort to the users and reconnect them to nature.

Set in Nature the project rethinks our innate biological connection with nature. Considering different patterns of Biophilic design creates an urban retreat for the residents.

We have challenged ourselves to create a private sanctuary that would connect to nature and let it become part of the residence. 

From visual & non-visual connection to nature, thermal variability, presence of water, dynamic & diffuse light, connection to the natural system, material connection to nature, biomorphic forms and patterns to complexity and order the design incorporates different patterns of biophilic design to achieve maximum comfort for residents, for their harmony and well-being.

Natural materials are used throughout the design, both the façade and interior.

Wooden texture brings toothing warmth to the private house that is enriched with natural stone and mesh covered with greenery.

The Winter garden is one of the main features of the house.

It is located on the second floor. Each room surrounding it takes advantage of the amazing green garden view.

The garden serves as an oasis throughout the winter when using terraces and outdoor spaces are less actual.  

The house is allocated in a way to take maximum advantage of outdoor space and create an amazing stop to spend sphere time on fresh air.

Originally Published: 20.05.2020
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