Tbilisi, Georgia
Built Up Area

The interior character of this unique penthouse, located in one of the most attractive districts of Tbilisi, combines classical and elegant modern design feel, that aims to create an unique interior style that perfectly fits the individual requirements of its habitants.

Special Design

The main goal of the project was to create a sophisticated and elegant design, for a luxury real estate market.

The design of the penthouse reflects both warmth and classical touch, as well as the desire to create an uncompromising functionality out of every element within the space.

To elegantly exhibit all aspects of classical design, we utilized sophisticated elements and simplified the complex lines by interpreting classical beauty with a modern approach.


The kitchen and dining rooms are undoubtedly the heart and soul of the entire household.

Designers employed a subtle, contemporary style for these areas, which are structured with a variety of materials in gradations of the blue and green palette that creates a strong sense of dramatic but yet calm feeling.

All furniture was custom designed and made to fit the requirements of the family within all areas of living space.

Interiors of this unique penthouse ultimately culminate in a space, where every member of the family is able to locate preferred space and place for comfort and contemplation.

Originally Published: 02.02.2020
Architecture, Interior Design

Georgia, Tbilisi, #70 Abashidze str.