Sochi, Russia
Built Up Area

Radisson Collection Sochi is located on the territory of the Krasmashevsky sanatorium, a unique complex on the Black Sea Riviera, in the center of Sochi. The design aims to deliver a timeless style, while guaranteeing comfort and convenience for guests regardless the purpose of their stay.


The notion of coastal aesthetics of Black Sea Riviera in line with the look & feel of the premium business hotel guide selection of forms, textures and materials. At first glance minimalistic style leaves a special charm, sense of luxury and sophistication to the visitors. Natural materials are extensively used throughout the hotel as a common design language. All materials, fixtures, furniture and accessories are carefully selected to deliver a memorable guest experience.
Each space is designed with careful thought for the function, practicality and the sense it should evoke. From the lobby, bar, and restaurant to bedroom suites - planning, shapes, forms, textures and color pallets all support the intention to deliver a proper sense of place; A place where premium lifestyle meets sophistication, areas with authentic local influence supporting the vibrant social scene and memorable experiences. The elegant and adaptable public spaces represent a free flow that seamlessly transforms into one to another. While considering Radisson Collection standards, the layout is offered with the careful thought about the guest’s comfort and their memorable experience. Every piece of furniture, accessories , textures and materials are carefully selected and designed to deliver a premium lifestyle with remarkable sophistication.
Originally Published: 05.04.2020
Raddison Collection
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