Built Up Area

With the goal to harmoniously blend into the existing landscape, Spectrum architects created a wooden cottage that is perceived to be an indistinguishable part of the environment.

The wooden cottage was designed with the intention to connect the project with nature, take advantage of the back yard views and create a cozy atmosphere for the owners to escape urban hectic environment.
The contrast between the wild nature and a safe, cozy interior space is emphasized throughout, strongly guiding the overall experience. Simplicity, natural materials and minimalism are utilized to deliver peace and harmony. The overall experience is to offer owners a feeling of detachment from the outside world.
Straight lines, modern architectural elements in combination with natural materials and minimalistic approach to not exhaust the eye, creates unique and tranquil atmosphere.
The glass curtain wall while bringing ample sunlight into the interior and presenting mesmerzing views, at the same time erases line between the interior and exterior.
The house was designed with attention to energy-efficiency and incorporates healthy home standards.

Originally Published: 10.04.2020
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Architecture, Interior Design

Narrowsburg, NY, USA