Dubai, UAE
Built Up Area

Dubai's multi-functional project building represents a harmonious balance of residential and public spaces. Visually appealing aesthetics, ideally suited to the local context and project location. The architectural building is distinguished by its modern sophisticated character and technical details.


It features a landscaped appearance that was created to achieve an attractive environment and fits in clearly with the city landscape. Part of the landscape includes parks, gardens, private and public spaces, which are an interesting and relaxing place for residents. The ideal concept of landscape design is created by "the journey home" - which residents pass from public spaces to private spaces. 


The multifunctional complex consists of two towers with 25 and 35 shops connected by a 5-story podium. Commercial and office spaces are combined in the building. The project building is ideally suited to the needs of the residents. A part of the terraces, designed with bright and cozy solutions, stands out. The balconies of the living rooms offer spectacular views of the city and are a way for residents to relax.

Originally Published: 07.06.2020
Site Area
4 000m²
The Orchard Place
Architecture, Landscape Design