Batumi, Georgia
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Located in the premium location of Batumi, the facade design takes inspiration from nature – raindrops, that are often present in the seaside climate of Batumi. The building is distinguished by its elegant and extravagant, innovative forms and non-standard appearance.


Rain is one of the natural phenomena characteristic of other subtropical cities. There are many hidden or overt messages embedded in the building as a whole, each person will read it differently.  building consists of a base and a tower part. The base of the building is a 6-story rectangular volume, which includes and in  proportion the system merges together with the development. Stylistically, it is a modern building, its proportions and the arrangement of the architectural design of the facade planes are similar to those of a classical building.


The design is artfully balancing very refined, more traditional forms on the lower level that perfectly blends into the given context, while the skyscraper offers sleek, technologically advanced design. The facade of the “Rain Tower” echoes the aesthetics of raindrops and creates a spectacular design to observe. 


The tower part of the building 3 volume is divided, the total volume with three-story, narrowed sections visually separates itself. One capacity per function. Every aspect of this development has been meticulously conceived to achieve a delicate balance that pays homage to the classic architecture of old Batumi, while also setting a new standard for the future.

Originally Published: 10.06.2020
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Architecture, Landscape design