The project unites townhouses, recreational zones, communal areas, terraces and other public spaces.

Town Square creates a vibrant and inclusive community atmosphere in the heart of Dubai.


We're happy to share our new project in Riyadh, KSA. This residential project is a perfect blend of different interior styles: scandinavian, japandi, minimalist and luxury.


We're happy to share our new ongoing residential project in Mumbai, India.

The design is on the pre-concept phase and it is still on the planning stage. The project represents 32 floor residential towers with special location. The towers are extremely luxurious and distinctive.


The stand for BAHEEJ at the Future Hospitality Summit 2024 was personally designed by SPECTRUM. Every aspect was carefully planned to engage attendees and highlight the brand's products and services.

Overall, the collaboration between SPECTRUM and BAHEEJ resulted in a standout presence at the summit, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.


May 2, SMARTER representatives held seminar in the SPECTRUM office.

They introduced the audience to their products, functionality and how they work. Interactive sessions encouraged participation and allowed for questions and discussions.

Attendees had gained a better understanding of SMARTER's products and how they could benefit their work.


SPECTRUM Team attended Future Hospitality Summit 2024 in Riyadh. 

Future Hospitality Summit is a premier gathering of hospitality investment visionaries and senior decision-makers who come together to discuss the most pressing issues in hotel development, sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


We're happy to share our new ongoing project - Lifestyle Hotel in Yanbu, KSA. 

The  design of the Yanbu lifestyle hotel captures the essence of the city, creating a unique and immersive experience. The hotel's concept draws from Yanbu's diverse heritage and natural beauty, ensuring each space feels connected to its surroundings. The design uses a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, echoing Yanbu's rich history while embracing modern aesthetics.


The design of the Tower is inspired by the flower "Cistanche Phelypaea" and perfectly blends with the architecture of the design.
We will share other project-related details with you in the near future!


After starting partnership with Tatu City, SPECTRUM has started working on the new project. Our team members went to Nairobi and visited the area where the project will be located.

We can't wait to share all about this project! Stay tuned to hear news about this project.


April 5, a seminar on "Designing a house from 0" was held in the SPECTRUM office.

Our designers introduced the audience to the nuances to be considered in house projects.