Founded in 2014, Spectrum represents fully integrated design build firm based in Tbilisi Georgia, operating in fields of Architecture, Interiors, Master planning that design and builds unique and bespoke projects. Company specializes in providing services in commercial and residential sectors. Team of talented designers, architects, builders and analysts strive to bring Client's ideas into reality in a most efficient and innovative ways, preserving the environment and always considering the local tradition and context.  Consolidated group of professionals committed to create and deliver world class solutions enriched with local traditions, context and latest technology. We aim to create long lasting values that embrace environmental impact, social and economical platforms with global reach and local context.


We relish the challenges inherent across a wide range of work, engaging our expertise and agility to deliver lasting, meaningful design that brings value and contributes towards healthier planet.  Our design philosophy is based on deep respect and consideration for our planet's well being and resources. Spectrum is proud to create and advance sustainable, ecologically responsible environments and enrich our projects with latest technological solutions that ensures sustainability and growth. We embrace diversity and promote social responsibility. We are committed to contribute to the larger context and an ability to affect positive change.  


Our work is characterized by strong conceptual legibility, innovation and a rigorous approach to detailing, all underpinned by the principles of humane, enduring and sustainable design and never ending innovation. We pride ourselves on delivering sustainable, stimulating environments to push brief boundaries with bold, bespoke design solutions that rejuvenates the society

Spectrum's design solutions are methodically and holistically created following rigorous analyses of client's needs. Spectrum employees strive to set new global standards locally by fostering a design approach. There are 6 main values that determine our work:



We take responsibility and mobilize all resources to fully uphold customer’s expectations



The long-term local and international experience of our team and professional attitudes towards the case determine maximum success of the project.



We listen, analyze client’s requirements and formulate the vision of the project together, which is a major guarantee of the successful project.



Our close cooperation with the customer crates a special work environment that promotes creative process and helps achieving goals.



We provide a communication method, which includes client’s participation and continuous access to information, from the beginning of creative process till construction completion.



We offer a completely transparent process, from the first day of the project, which results in joint success.