The outside air is polluted by traffic, industry and the agricultural sector, but did you know that indoor air is often 10-30 times more polluted than outside? The harmful effects of indoor air pollution have become increasingly known in recent years.

For prolonged exposure, this can cause lung, respiratory and cardiovascular disorders.

In Europe alone, around 400,000 people have died prematurely in 2014 due to polluted air (European Environment Agency, Air Quality in Europe, 2017 report).

Not everyone is aware that particulate matter and chemical byproducts arise indoors on a continuous basis.

This can come from various sources like cleaning products, aerosol cans, cooking, wood stoves, cigarette smoke, renovation, paint, dust movement, contaminated outdoor air.

Today’s houses are very well insulated for good reasons since we need to be energy-efficient.

But in case of insufficient ventilation, fungi can quickly emerge. In the summer opening a window is therefore highly recommended provided the outside air is clean, but in winter this is of course not always convenient.

With an air purifier you can always breathe healthy air, also when proper ventilation is not possible.

Originally Published: 06.05.2020