Are you living in a tiny apartment but don’t want to feel like you’re living inside a box? If you’re thinking of decorating your small space, keep on reading because this article will walk you through every facet of small apartment decorating ideas and tips!

A light color palette

It’s always a challenge to approach your interior design’s color scheme in a holistic fashion. However, when it comes to small apartment design, your color palette should help you create an illusion of a bigger space. Generally, you should consider light colors such as white, off-whites, pastels, or muted colors for your apartment. These colors help create an open and expansive feeling.

Pastel colors are colors that belong to the milky and desaturated family. These are colors that have enough white mixed in to offer a colorful yet soft look.

Tiny Apartment Layout Dos and Don’ts

Laying out furniture in a tiny dorm or apartment can make or break the space because furniture often consume substantial space. Here are a few dos and don’ts when planning your furniture layout:


1. Do use multi-functional furniture pieces;

2. Do consider expandable/stackable tables that can be tucked away to save up space when not in use.

3. Do consider customizing your furniture pieces for smaller dimensions because readily-available furniture pieces in the market usually have standard dimensions.

4. Do create an open space layout. As much as possible, place larger pieces of furniture against the wall, even if sometimes that’s bad interior design.


1. Don’t block pathways and walkways with furniture and accessories because if you do, you’ll create a cramped layout.

2. Don’t visually display your stuff all throughout your space. If you own a lot of things, either declutter or develop an organizing system to hide them and to have a very sleek and clean interior.

Hang wall art or tapestry with simple designs

Decorating small spaces with hanging wall art or tapestry will give some personality to the space. Remember to pick ones that are simple and light in design as to not avoid overcomplicating walls.

You can choose to hang a single large piece or a combination of a few smaller pieces. Either way, art and wall hangings have the ability to elevate the visual interest of your small apartment above ground. This helps lift the focus away from the clutter of your floor and to the much cleaner walls. If the art piece or tapestry are simple enough in design, it can act almost like a window and expand visual space.

Multi-purpose furniture

Functionality is very crucial in decorating small spaces so consider using multi-purpose furniture pieces to save up space. You can use coffee tables with storage, a futon or sofa bed instead of a traditional couch to serve as extra sleeping bed for guests, and a convertible folding desk (or you can have a foldable desk in tall shelves so as to hide them when not in use). You can also use an ottoman or a pouf in lieu or traditional coffee table to both maximize space and provide some warm cushiness – ottomans also commonly come with included internal storage.

taller and wider curtains

Curtains and draperies are often overlooked by many but this actually has a great impact in interior spaces. Instead of following the actual measurement of your windows, you should expand and lengthen the measurement of your curtains. By doing so, you provide more height to your small apartment and extend the visual space of your windows.

For example, if the ceiling height of your space is not high, you can do a floor to ceiling drapery. You can also make your windows appear wider by extending your curtain rod to at least about 300-400mm both sides.

Decorating small spaces is not really complicated. If you know how to play around with what you have, you don’t have to splurge so much. Just make this article your guide for small apartment decorating ideas and you’ll surely enjoy decorating!

Originally Published: 02.06.2021