At "Spectrum" we believe that home is the place to relax and enjoy spending time at. It should deliver maximum comfort and become a place to enjoy spending leisure time, invite friends and relish connecting with your beloved ones. Such interiors reflect lifestyle, are dynamic and support its inhabitants’ needs and desires.

Seasonal change in the interior can be very refreshing, but how to apply the changes with a minimum budget possible? Before we start, don’t forget to rethink these 3 guidelines: First - Don’t try to replace everything and impact every part of the interior, instead choose the focal points. What are the places that grab the eye? Maybe console at the entrance, sofa in the living room or the wall behind it, bed or the statement armchair in the bedroom? Choose two or three of these to redecorate.
Second - retain what can be retained and serve as a ground for the change. For example a sofa, trays, frames, some vases, etc. and add the “changes” to them.
Third - In advance think of the seasonal colors, icons, and associations that you would love to see in your interior that would mix and match well to the existing environment.
Here are the simplest ways to give your home an upgrade and fresh look:

Decorative Pillows and throws 

Decorative pillows are the simplest answer to this question. Let the furniture serve as the background. Once you have chosen seasonal colors that will fit your interior apply according to decorative pillows and throws literally everywhere-Sofa, armchair, bed, outdoor furniture in spring/summer, etc. and you will simultaneously see the difference. 


Think of different types of accessories that can refresh your interior, but don’t forget that you might have the ones to serves as ground. For example, you can only change the color of candles in your favorite candle holders, put seasonal flowers is the existing vases, etc.  Don’t forget to think of seasonal icons like pumpkins for autumn etc.


Plats bring a special charm to any interior, they bring life with them. If you introduce new plants or flowers in colors that match the season, you will not regret it.
However, don’t forget to have all-season plants at home and outdoors as well.

Wall décorations

No matter what type of decoration it is, paintings, frames with pictures, or a metal application, if it is part your focal point in the interior replacing it will completely refresh the environment.


A nice pouf here and there to match the colors.


Easy way to bring change by replacing towels, bed covers, small rugs, or draperies.
Lightweight and pastel or bright colors are perfect for spring/summer, more earthy colors and heavier textures for fall and winter. Especially in the bedroom all attention is captured with the bed linen, changing or layering them will bring a completely new look in the room. 

Rugs and Curtains

Good rugs or curtains are expensive, but if you are one of change and novelty enthusiasts, having them replaced for spring and fall is a good option. It can be a good investment and an eye-catching redesign element.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Well, these are not just a good source of vitamins but make an elegant decoration as well. Blend the fruits with accent pieces like for fall pomegranates decorated with nuts, leaves and other seasonal fruit. Have you tried to curve out a pumpkin and use it as a vase? well, it is fun to try.  The smell and the mix color pallets will be a perfect addition to your seasonal redesign.
Do not forget to share your favorite seasonal redesign hacks and which season are you most motivated to bring change in your house interior?

Originally Published: 06.05.2020