Abu-Dhabi, UAE
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A fundamental aspect of the design approach is in the depth consideration of the nature of its site, settings, climate and cultural characteristics. The proposed design provides an intelligent response to each factor of its surroundings.

The location of the structure has been carefully chosen considering all of the affecting factors. The existing landscape is maintained to its maximum extent to preserve a natural beachfront environment.

Special planning

The orientation of the structure is determined after careful consideration of sun angles, wind direction and views. The main core of the villa is planned in such a way that the residential spaces are not exposed to the extreme summer sun and remain mostly shaded. The overall structure contains three levels incorporated under two wings of north and south. The planning gradually transfers from public to more private and the penthouse levels with complete privacy with its own pool.

The ground floor plan is organized around the central atrium that provides open access to dining spaces. The public area is combined as a meeting area with an atrium, water pond and waterfall, which can be viewed from all angles, and provides a spectacular view which varies throughout each time of the day.

The roof

The roof structure is undoubtedly the dominant element of the villa; viewing angles of two habitable wings creating a unique perception of eagles’ wings. The unique elements of the sunscreens overlap the 2nd-floor terraces and strategically adjust to the harsh environment and sun angles.


The overall concept was to maximize and engage the surrounding area into the inner house landscape, to engage the outdoor factors into the climate of the structure and directly connect to its internal spaces. The material pallet is intended to further reinforce the overall design concept of openness and interrelation to the surrounding landscape. The luxurious and sophisticated array of material selection ranges from marble to hand mosaic. Rich fabrics, along with different species of wood grains, impose warmth and comfort to interior spaces filled with filtered sunlight.

Exclusive ranges for furniture lines are to be specifically selected for various parts of residence varying from more public to private. A light shaded material palette in conjunction with external glazing creates pristine interiors that create a unique atmosphere intended for this special project.


Originally Published: 12.04.2020
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Abu-Dhabi, UAE