Tbilisi, Georgia
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Located in LISI HILLS, Tbilisi, Georgia, the 890 sq.m residential house with 6 bedrooms perfectly blends in the given context while supporting the requirements and the lifestyle of a big family.

The stairs arranged on the slope lead to the main floor entrance, where the living room, dining room, kitchen, cabinet, storage, guest bedroom and bathrooms are located.

The second-floor design acknowledges both the importance of outdoor spaces and privacy by giving each bedroom its own separate balcony and allowing residents to retreat to their own corner or commune in the lounge area, which has a beautiful view of the patio.

The Patio

One of the most important details of this residential house project is the 50 sq. m patio, which is arranged on the South-East part of the house.

A captivating patio design provides a modern home with a special sense of serenity and allows nature to become a major part of a home’s makeup.

Enclosed garden spaces act as personalized nature retreats that feed into adjacent interior spaces via the blurred boundaries of glass walls.

The roof of the patio is made of steel structure and glass, providing constant sunlight and protection from the rain.

The Facade

The facade is balanced with glass combined with stainless steel panels, which gives the house its modernistic, contextual feel.

Stainless steel panels change color according to climatic conditions, which makes the facade look different at different times.

Originally Published: 15.05.2020
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Lisi, Tbilisi