Tbilisi, Georgia
Project Area

The project site is located in Tskneti with a living area of 320 m². It is presented by a two-story private house, which is surrounded by a number of pine trees. It was a great challenge for us to preserve the existing landscape to its full extent and design the house, where nature and living space are harmoniously connected.

Special Detail

To prevent cutting down the trees, an interesting detail of the project was developed, such as cut out slabs of terraces and roof, where existing pine trees were pinched.

This idea makes building and nature an integral part of each other.

The project facade is lined with high-quality wood material and travertine tiles, that further promotes border-free integration of architecture with the surrounding landscape.


The project of the house outlines the synthesis between nature and interior in keeping with a trend of comfort and domesticity.

The relationship between the room and the external landscape is especially evident with the large living-room glass wall with opening, which is located on the ground floor and connects to the terrace framing a view of the pinewood landscape.

Apart from the living room, the kitchen and the cabinet spaces are conveniently connected to the yard.

The reflective pool, located along the terrace, in front of the living room, emphasizes the aesthetics of the harmonious fusion of nature and living spaces.

Energy Efficiency

During the design process of the project, special attention was paid to the correct orientation of the building, warming and selection of the right materials to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

The project of a private house in Tskneti represents the ideal synthesis of the natural pinewood landscape and the building.

Originally Published: 05.05.2020
Site Area
Number of Storeys

Tskneti, Georgia