Kiketi, Georgia
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With the goal to harmoniously blend into the existing landscape, we created a wooden cottage that is perceived to be an indistinguishable part of the environment.

Each and every detail of the house is designed to deliver maximum comfort and coziness to the young couple and enable them to relax, escape everyday fuss and comfortably spend leisure time on fresh air. 

The cottage style is characterized by simplicity, sleek lines and cozy farmhouse aesthetics.

Bright color-pallets, natural materials and harmonious ambiance creates a special atmosphere that allows the house to be perceived as organic addition to the landscape.

Large windows and glass doors bring into the interior ample natural light.

The integrated gazebo brings additional comfort to the owners and allows a long stay into nature for relaxation and leisure. 

The house was designed with maximum attention to energy-efficiency and incorporates healthy home standards.

Originally Published: 05.05.2020
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Kiketi, Georgia