Dubai, Mina Rashid
Built Up Area

Rashid Yachts and Marina, located in Dubai, UAE, epitomizes a commitment to excellence in design that mirrors the opulence and sophistication of its surroundings.


SPECTRUM has been invited to create a concept design for the Facade Design Exercise for the mid-rise development project of the Plot 2 and Plot 3, Rashid Yachts and Marina, Dubai, UAE, with a high standard and level of design consideration that is commensurate with the context, company’s culture and values.

Look & Feel

The aim is to deliver timeless design, that will be translated into shapes, forms, and textures. The visual that is both contextual and yet, has special, unique character. Light, serene color pallet, that is enriched with decorative elements creates soothing and memorable ambiance.

Every element from materials and textures to colors and design solutions are harmoniously balanced to deliver the essence of luxury living and the ultimate lifestyle.

Materials & Textures

Careful attention to materials, textures, and patterns is essential to achieve the desired outcome. We’ve made a deliberate effort to coordinate the glazing colors with the recommended materials. Aluminum composite panels have been employed for the vertical elements, while GRCs are utilized for the horizontal divisions and slab edges. A painted cement plaster finish has been selected for the façade treatment, and lighter grey tempered glazing is chosen for the balusters.


The overall ambiance of the building façade is to deliver sense of modern residential building that is demandable and desirable. For the interiors each space will be designed with careful thought for the function, practicality and the sense it should evoke.

Originally Published: 06.06.2020
Site Area
12 648m²