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Coral-Inspired Architecture: A Vision of Harmony and Innovation. Unrivaled luxury living at the residential complex: “Next Coral” in the heart of Dubai, where exquisite design meets elevated comfort

About Project 

In the realm of architectural innovation, a captivating vision is emerging from the heart of a vibrant city  - Dubai -  Next Coral - a residential development inspired by the intricate beauty of coral reefs. This visionary concept intertwines the organic wonders of marine life with innovation, creating a harmonious fusion of nature and human design.

As NEXT's inaugural project in Dubai, the vision behind the design was to craft an iconic landmark and a definitive design statement that would transcend time and captivate the essence of innovation and luxury.


Situated in the heart of Dubai, the architectural marvel is divided into two distinct sections, starting with a captivating podium that houses various commercial facilities. Here, one can find a tapestry of designer boutiques, trendy cafes, and other desirable amenities, all crafted to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. Crafted to perfection, it envelops residents in a world of luxury and tranquility. This project seamlessly blends modern design with a biophilic concept inspired by the enchanting beauty of coral reefs. It is bringing the wonders of the underwater realm to life in an urban oasis.


At the heart of this design lies a profound respect for the delicate elegance of coral formations. Like nature's intricate artists, the inspiration was drawn from the rhythmic undulations, intricate patterns, and captivating textures found beneath the ocean's surface. The architecture exhibits unique and visually captivating features and evolves around organic design, incorporating the intricate patterns, curves, and textures found in coral reefs. Building facades, interior spaces, and landscaping reflect the organic and flowing forms of coral, creating a harmonious relationship between nature and human-made structures. The color palette and the furniture’s comfy fabrics will give your home a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere, making it a place to unwind. An interior design would incorporate flowing lines, soft color palettes, and biomimetic textures to evoke the serenity and beauty of coral reefs.

A commitment to sustainable materials ensures that the development pays homage to the environment it's inspired by. Following the commitment to sustainability, the architecture incorporates energy-efficient features that would not only reduce the environmental impact but also contribute to the futuristic and innovative image of the development.


The coral-inspired vision of the Luxury residences is a testament to Dubai's unceasing quest for innovation and its respect for the natural world. This architectural endeavor captures the essence of time, growth, and interconnectedness, echoing the wisdom of coral reefs that have thrived for centuries. The project would not only contribute to Dubai's architectural marvels but also serve as one of the symbols of the city's commitment to creating a more sustainable and awe-inspiring future.

Originally Published: 07.06.2020
Site Area
3 100m²
Number of Storeys
Architecture, Interior Design