Tbilisi, Georgia
Built Up Area

Luxury and class exude from every millimeter of this 200 square meter apartment in Georgia, Tbilisi. Each room is a detailed composition of high-end pieces, with plush soft furnishings and lighting solutions.

A sophisticated palette of natural shades paints a smooth color story that runs right through from the modern living area and minimalist hallway design, to the decor of three stunning bedrooms and fabulous granite stone covered bathrooms with Onyx details.

In fact, marble is the major player in the main area of the home to really ramp up the level of luxe.

Interior Planning

With the aim to reinterpret traditional design standards, the apartment features the intersection of spaces, surfaces and compositions that are functional and create a bespoke visual effect.

One of the main challenges of the planning process was to create an interior where all of the rooms would have access to the spectacular views of the greenery of "Vake Park" and benefit from ample sunlight.

Natural Materials

White marble, that is present from the entrance to the living room is perfectly balanced with wooden decorative panels on the walls to bring more warmth and class into this minimalistic interior. 

Minimalist spaces

Modern minimalism is present in every single area of this luxury interior, where modern and traditional materials meet to create a bespoke environment, that delivers comfort. 

The stylish fireplace in a combination of bookshelves, marble nook and TV is a true eye-catcher bringing in more comfort and tranquility.

The modern sofa that serves as well as a divider between resting and dining areas with its texture and more earthy color balances white marble flooring and walls of the living room.

Kitchen design has to be mentioned with it's minimalist integrated appliances and Corian sink. 

The master bedroom features the walk-in wardrobe, that contains a system of walnut shelves and chests of drawers that compliment the tone of the flooring.

Shelf lights highlight the grain and the garments. There is also a private bathroom with an exquisite bathroom design that holds a twin vanity area and a luxury freestanding bathtub.

Originally Published: 10.03.2020

Tabidze Str, Tbilisi, Georgia