New York, USA
Project Area

SofaSoGood is a family-owned and operated store specializing in Italian made upholstered modern furniture. Located in Soho New York, the new showroom has an aim to create a space that will deliver the brand identity and speak up about the quality and the unique designs of the products they made.

Smart Design Solutions

The style of the Sales Gallery promoting contemporary furniture units to modern, dynamic and upwardly mobile professionals needed to communicate the trend and the lifestyle that was on offer. With smart design solutions in placing the objects on different levels of the flooring, we have increased the visibility of the products and took maximum from the space we had.

One of the most interesting features of the design is the shape of the ceiling, which adds the contemporary feel to the showroom and at the same time helps to distribute the lighting in a cost-effective way. Inclined edges help the light to be spread evenly with the minimum expenses.

The color pallet was kept neutral to support products and give the natural clarity for showroom visitors.

Originally Published: 10.02.2020
Architecture, Interior design

22 Mercer St. New York, USA