Tbilisi, Georgia
Project Area

The apartment interior, located in Tbilisi, reveals a refined interior design that finds common ground for classical and modern styles and creates an eye-catching, elegant, and comfortable atmosphere for owners and visitors of the apartment.

It takes advantage of ample sunlight to let in from large windows and in line with the calm and neutral palettes used in the interior creates a tranquil, yet glamorous ambiance. 


Luxurious materials, combined with ample textures and different color pallets bring a special charm into the apartment, that astonishes at a glance from the very entry. The decorative wall paneling embraces a vintage look, while colorful pastel textures and profuse materials add modern character creating the magnificent spirit to delight its inhabitants. 

Connecting Spaces

Adjacent to the living room,  a comfortable kitchen with a sliding door accommodates the limited clearance between the wall and furniture. The dining area in between the kitchen and living room features elegant and luxurious furniture that is completed with alluring chandelier. 
Every element in the apartment is thought to deliver comfort and create a healthy environment. Starting from storage areas to selecting materials and ergonomic furniture. 

Despite the usage of different affluent materials, the overall style is maintained throughout the apartment 

Originally Published: 29.02.2020
Architecture, Interior Design

#13, Tamarashvili Str.