Yanbu, KSA
Built Up Area

Resort aesthetics, traditional and natural elements, quirky details are used to create a memorable and demandable environment for different guest types.

Design Overview

The building features G+3 floors with a large atrium dividing it into two zones. Public spaces are on the ground floor, while guestrooms maximize views. Each floor allows guests to look through the atrium. The rooftop terrace includes a bar, lounge, and infinity pool for a unique experience.

Inspired Elements

The inspiration for the balconies is drawn from the local architecture using metal screens. A blue metal structure shaped like a boat sits above the lobby. Water mirrors evoke Yanbu's spirit, resembling its springs. The pop-ups of greenery resemble Oasis, like the ones found in Yanbu Al-Nakhal.

Guestroom Types

The Room Mix for the Lifestyle Hotel presents 3 types of rooms: Standard, Lifestyle Suite and Suits. Each type reflects one of Yanbu's "souls": “AL BAHAR”, “AL NAKHAL” and “” YANBU AS SINA’EYYA” that are infused with contextual elements and offer outstanding guest experience.

The Standard room embodies Al Bahar, with an open bathroom layout for a spacious feel. We have proposed an open bathroom layout allowing sunlight directly into the area and making it more airy and free flowing integrated with the room. 

Standard Room Elements

A fishing net hangs above the bed, wooden textures mimic a fisherman's boat, and bathroom tiles resemble fish skin. Sand-colored plaster finishes add a coastal vibe, while a bespoke wardrobe and TV unit incorporate local design elements.

A Natural Coastal theme caters to upscale guests, with an open bedroom layout and strategically placed bathtub for comfort and privacy. Coastal aesthetics blend with modern design for a contextual yet luxurious experience.

Originally Published: 15.03.2020
Site Area
9831 m²
Interior Design