Tbilisi, Georgia
Project Area

Men’s fashion store – “Gentlemen” aspires to elevate the level of fashion & footwear for the discerning Georgian men. Located in the center of Tbilisi – the boutique store was designed to create a unique and luxury experience for the users.

The interior design of the store offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for the customers browsing through a well-curated selection of premium brands.

Believing that the shopping experience should feel fun, leisurely and exciting, the design elements are fairly restrained and seek to highlight the product. Clean lines and open spaces were critical for the look and feel of the boutique as well as the customer experience.

Special Interior

Space is gently subdivided, which makes it an inviting area for the customers to walk around, simultaneously create various areas helping break down the collection by type, look, collection, etc. The interior was finished neatly with warm wooden elements contrasting with grey walls. Subtle lighting and a touch of wood warm up the interior, creating a comfortable atmosphere for a multi-sensory experience.  Lighting works as a compositional element that emphasizes the rhythm of the boutique and the use of mirrors optically enlarges the space. All furniture and objects are specifically custom-designed for the project

The combination of forms and shapes, materials, textures, colors and lighting creates a unique and memorable space, thus improving the shopping experience.

Originally Published: 10.02.2020
Number of Storeys
"Victoria 98" LLC
Electra Lighting
Architecture, Interior design

Vaja-Pshavela ave. 10, Tbilisi, Georgia