Dubai, UAE
Project Area

Located on the seaside of Dubai, the apartment interior was guided by two complementary ideas to create an elegant and comfortable environment for the owner and to bring as much light as possible to the apartment. The project features a minimalist design. The plan of the apartment is simple; it consists of a living room, kitchen

Interior details

The main feature of the interior is the use of white furnishing/walls, which accompanies the spatial concept. The white volumes highlight the green and the blue of the landscape, together with the rigor of the pure lines that show the modernity of the project.

Huge windows emphasizing the visual lightness through the spaces, allowing the owner to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings no matter which way he goes inside the house. that characterizes this modern project, apparently simple. the dining area blends with living space, but at the same time, it is separated from it with an independent partition. The bathroom has the same treatment, here the granite and the walls are all white, although the washbasin is kept in brown marble. The material treatment allows to completely free the perimeter and creates a large, open space, flexible and suitable for the current needs of living space.

Originally Published: 05.02.2020
Interior Design, Construction Management

Dubai Marina, UAE