Tbilisi, Georgia
Project Area

The modern classic apartment interior design located in Tbilisi features a dynamic and eye-catching variation of modern accents embellished with classical design elements. With large windows that let in ample sunlight and neutral palette articulated in lush materials like velvet and marble, this home feel is positively royal.

The landscape of the living room centered around a modern sofa, that captures attention with elegant cobalt upholstery is the most characterizing design approach of this interior.

A color like this can be subtle in other contexts – but in a space dominated by such stark neutrals, it becomes a beacon and anchor for the entire space.

A marble fireplace has also to be mentioned, which adds a classic feel to this unique environment.

Classic and Modern

Classic meets modern in this spectacular dining room, which is part of the living area.

The decorative wall paneling embraces a vintage look with an oversized mirror, which reflects the luxurious chandelier above the dining table. 

Adjacent to the living room, you'll find a comfortable kitchen with a sliding door, that accommodates the limited clearance between wall and furniture.


Bedrooms are designed in a calm, pastel tones embracing a classic, calming and a brilliant atmosphere at the same time. 

The upholstered headboards are a great decisions for beds, that are pushed up against the wall, offering a bit more comfort.

The master bedroom design combines classic and comfortable elements, with wooden floor and decorative wall paneling.

It consists of the walk-in closet and a private bathroom with an onyx decorative wall, which once more accents the luxury and unique design of this interior.

One of the most eye-catching design element is the natural marble stone wall (Azul Bahia) in cobalt, presented in the hall, that includes a mirror and a console - the first thing one sees when entering this apartment.

Smart Apartment

Except for the design approaches, this apartment is "smart", combining lighting, heating/cooling, air conditioning and security smart systems.  

A lightweight, refined style used in the design, combined with a variety of materials and color pallets, creates a classic, pleasant and unique environment.

Originally Published: 25.02.2020
Architecture, Interior Design

Paliashvilis Street, Tbilisi, Georgia