Kakheti, Georgia
Project Area

"Villa Godoly" is a 54 room unique hotel located in Kakheti, Ruispiri village, which is distinguished by its beautiful and panoramic views of the Caucasus mountains. The project area is 3.770 m2, and its architectural solution is in line with the traditional Georgian style.


Building materials and styles of the interior were selected according to the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Kakheti region.

Antique Georgian ornaments, furniture details, construction and finishing materials, that characterize this region are used in the interior, which harmoniously meets the standards of the modern hotel.

The hotel interior is enriched with many interesting and functional areas, including a small museum, which is located on the basement floor.

It is presented with exhibits from the different cultural and historical eras of Georgia, that allows guests to get acquainted with the ancient traditions, as well as the cultural works of art.

The walls and columns are lined with Georgian characterizing paver of bricks and stones.

The painting on the wall combines the antiquity of the museum space with the modern style.


The concept of the reception area represents the analog of the Georgian peasant’s house, and suits the surrounding area with its hospitable design, thus creating cozy and exquisite space.

Traditions of 8000 years of Georgian winery are displayed in the wine cellar, and the tasting room located on the basement floor of the hotel, and offers guests unique hospitality and creates an unforgettable environment.

As for the hotel rooms, the concept of their interiors is driven by the creation of cozy rooms, where guests can feel at Georgian peasant’s house.

The rooms are characterized by the details of the old Georgian furniture, rugs and light-colored walls, which accurately match with modern style and create a unique character.

The hotel "Villa Godoly” project also consists of the lounge, chimney space, restaurant and waiting areas, whose overall appearance is combined with the historical and natural environment, which creates an ideal holiday destination to the visitors.

Ancient culture, tradition, history and exceptional warmth and coziness of the Georgian peasant’s house are united in the concept of this hotel’s project.

Originally Published: 23.03.2020
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Ruispiri, Kakheti, Georgia