Tsinandali, Georgia
Project Area

Located in the historical part of Georgia – Tsinandali, a historical wine factory as has gained a new function – an open concert hall. The performance space, which becomes a vibrant center of public gatherings and promotes community, supports local and international artists and nurtures the arts.

New Function

The project is organized around the need to preserve the aesthetic nature of the pre-existing building while accommodating the needs of the new function. The renewal of the building with unique historical value had a dual purpose: preserving the exciting historical heritage and spatial imprints and at the same time a revitalization according to today’s standards. 

The renewed area includes different functional spaces - a stage, with an acoustic shell, seating area, backstage with a changing room, toilets, etc. The concert hall provides summer seating for an audience of 200 in the diagonally sliced seating area.

Important Aspect

The project respects and takes advantage of its historical heritage but is a modernly equipped facility at the same time, in order to face the constraints and the rules of our time. It was an important aspect that the new structure above the old wine factory should integrate all functional needs, and “float” over the historic structures as a unified and neutral contemporary element.

Conceptually, the materials were chosen to underscore the open-air character of the site and to strengthen the bond between built structure and landscape.

Originally Published: 20.06.2020
Site Area
Tsinandali Estates
"Elita Burji" LLC

Tsinandali, Georgia