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"GLMV Architecture Inc." of US has won the contest held by LEPL National Bank of Georgia for the the Headquarter of the National Bank of Georgia in the center of Tbilisi. Spectrum in collaboration with "GLMV" Architecture Inc." were appointed the Executive local Architect of Record.


The main concept of the new Headquarters of the National bank of Georgia project is the synthesis of its shape, aesthetics, ideology, and the function.

The ideology of the building is guided to its geometric shape of the circle, which is considered to be a continuous source of eternity and constant existence.

The ideal shape of the circle is associated with sustainability and the analytical nature of the function of the National Bank, which is linked to the country's economic development and stability.

The outer diameter of the circle is 60 meters while the inner diameter is 28 meters, which forms an internal atrium of the building.

The glass skylight, what tops the atrium is represented by the National Bank’s logo, which once again highlights its direct connection to the function of the building.


In establishing the functional and architectural character of the project, the concept of determining energy efficiency criteria plays one of the main roles. 

The concept is presented with the system of solar panels, which leads to the extraction of a large amount of electricity by working of the heat pumps. 

About 75% of the kinetic building's facade membrane is provided with stainless steel shutters, which are connected to lighting sensors and automatically open and close according to the sunlight intensity.

The selection of the entire glazing system of the facade is based on sun position and relative U and G parameters of the glazing, proving maximum cooling and heating effect.


The notion of collaboration flows into the layout and planning of each floor of the building.

Each level is conveniently connected via the ramp, along the atrium and provides a comfortable and ample solution for the internal circulation. Bespoke architectural layout fits the bank regulations including the custom-designed furniture is being considered. 

One of the key elements of the building design is panoramic (smart) lift systems located in the atrium offering bank employees minimum waiting time and remarkable trip while enjoying atrium space filled with natural daylight and views.

The striking facade of the building is defined by an externally located three two-story atrium spaces revealing to the city an internal content and providing an external connection to the urban texture of the historical neighborhood.

Originally Published: 20.07.2020
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