Spectrum has been assigned for developing recreational settlement project in the  Village Tsemi

The project of the recreational settlement envisions the development of the area in the village Tsemi, former children's summer camp territory.

The project is to be developed on a five-hectare plot of land, with a European mountain town-type district, pedestrianized commercial development and sports infrastructure.

From 30 to 40, 3-4-story penthouse-type buildings with a unified architectural look will be built on the territory.

Cafe-restaurants, shops and other commercial facilities will be arranged on the ground floors of the buildings.

According to the architectural plan, the project buildings will form a unified architectural ensemble and harmoniously blend into the existing environment, which can already be seen from the spatial-volume conceptual model.

Sports infrastructure will play an important role in the functioning of the hotel complex.

In the north-eastern zone of the plot, a sports complex will be built with an indoor basketball hall, a tennis court, a fitness hall, and all other necessary spaces for functioning.

Originally Published: 20.01.2021