SPECTRUM's avant-garde expertise, with the NEXT Group, shines in NEXT Coral, promising luxury fused with nature-inspired innovation. Drawing from coral reefs' beauty, it redefines contemporary living, setting an exemplary standard in refined, sustainable design. Anticipate updates as SPECTRUM Architecture elevates aspirations into tangible reality with NEXT Coral, setting an exemplary standard in refined and sustainable living.


Spectrum is working on a new project for private house design in Tbilisi.


Paje Beach Resort blends luxury and nature, capturing stunning sea views and white sands. Inspired by Paje's natural beauty, it offers a harmonious ambiance for guests. Each element reflects cultural artistry, with carefully chosen colors, textures, and art pieces. The resort redefines luxury living with a conceptually designed restaurant, coastal villas, and captivating outdoor spaces. Stay tuned as SPECTRUM unveils Paje Beach Resort, a refined and sustainable retreat.


The project of the recreational settlement envisions the development of the area in the village Tsemi, former children's summer camp territory.


We are glad to announce that Spectrum has been assigned to start a new skyscraper project in Batumi, Georgia.


Spectrum has been assigned to design a restaurant project in Gori region, village Karaleti.


Spectrum has been assigned to design the interior of Canopy By Hilton Tbilisi.


Spectrum has been assigned to design a new hotel in Tsinandali.


The project envisions designing interiors for the visitor center and two restaurants near Dashbashi canyon.


Spectrum has been assigned to design the restaurant "Aviator" of the existing hotel "Gudauri Loft", which should be redesigned and enlarged.