Dubai Expo 2020

We are pleased to announce, that our employees had the opportunity to visit Dubai Expo 2020! Boasted as the world’s greatest show, the venue for Dubai Expo 2020 sprawls 438 hectares brimming with over 190 Pavilions, 200 restaurants, and countless installations and entertainment zones. 

It is a universal platform where countries from around the world can come together at one destination to offer solutions on sustainability and betterment of the world. A huge exhibition of international designs, highlights technological achievements of countries worldwide. Furthermore, the event showcases sustainability and opportunity.

As we relish the challenges inherent across a wide range of work, engaging our expertise and agility to deliver lasting, meaningful design that brings value and contributes towards healthier planet, it was beneficial for us to attend this expo to inspire us creating sustainable, ecologically responsible environments and enrich our projects with latest technological solutions that ensure sustainability and growth.

Originally Published: 21.02.2022