Family Gazebo

Status: ongoing
Appointment: 2018
Completion: ongoing
Services: design, construction
Location: Tbilisi
Area: 70 m²

The outdoor gazebo was planned to be placed in the back yard of existing residence. The main challenge was to create the new structure with distinctive architectural style what would find the common dialogue with existing residence and yet offered a different space for outdoor living entertainment.

The outdoor gazebo design resulted in the assembly of two main areas: a dining table for family gatherings with fireplace in the center and the siting area with fire pit.

A basic natural palette of array of materials was selected for construction: natural stone, wood, and brick what helped to create a cozy, warm and peaceful atmosphere with soft and warm lighting design.

The site offers exceptional views and makes use, perhaps emphasizes, this surrounding stunning natural landscape. The architecture explores the interplay of alliances between plant life, built-form, and habitants.

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