Hotel Armadillo

Status: Ongoing
Appointment: 2015
Completion: ongoing
Services: architecture, interior design
Location: Bakuriani
Area: 3300 m²

The “Armadillo Hotel” is located in Bakuriani, a popular Georgian ski resort. Beautiful scenery combined with alpine climate and fresh mountain air provides an unprecedented getaway, which is only a few hours from the capital of Georgia.

The site is located on the access of a major hotel strip, traditionally dedicated to tourism and attractions. Panoramic views of the town and surrounding mountains make the site a special place. It is located within walking distance from the town and yet maintains its own reserved area with access to a private forest for camping and site seeing.

The project inspiration comes from mountainous rocky appearance from local setting and essential textured appearance of traditional Georgian architecture what gives warmth and appeal of fire feeling in the cold snowy winter.

Light and shadow play the leading role in defining exterior and interior skin of the building facade, the rough, prehistoric qualities of armadillo’s skin are combined with the warmth and texture of the local forest.

The concept of the hotel is to maintain its identity in harmony with nature. The building follows the natural topography and merges with the typical character of the area.

Irregular recesses in the horizontal wooden panels of the facade allow daylight to penetrate into the rooms in back areas. This wooden appearance emphasizes the dialogue between interior and exterior - between the hotel and the landscape. 

The interiors are contemporary and pure in the sense that the materials are used in their natural form. The abundance of wood, cork, and rugs makes them feel warm and comfortable. 


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